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The wines in our Estate range are all single vineyard wines produced from grapes grown on our Maroondah Highway Estate.

The range offers a superb showcasing of traditional wine making techniques and classic French single varietal Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.

Since these are also the mainstay varieties on which the Yarra Valley has built its enviable reputation, the Estate range is the truest expression of our Levantine Hill property. Which is why it proudly bears the Estate title.

All our Estate wines are released three years after vintage, with the exception of our Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, which is released within one year after vintage.

Like all Levantine Hill wines, our Estate range is handcrafted in small quantities, so the number of bottles of each varietal we produce each year is very limited.

100% Chardonnay, this wine features lifted and weighty fruit characters at low ripeness levels, combining excellent natural acidity, intensity, and breadth in a definitive sparkling Blanc de Blanc.

$80 per bottle
Sparkling Rosé
This distinctive, cool climate sparkling Rosé is made from 100% Pinot Noir from Colleen's Paddock. The wine is tempered by fine natural acidity with delicate fruit flavours harnessing a rich finish.

$150 per bottle
This exceptional wine opens with distinct characters of dill, caperberry, red grapefruit, rosemary and flint, which then integrate with the Semillon’s lemon and chalk notes. The overall complexity is enhanced by barrel fermentation and subsequent aging on varying levels of grape solids. The palate is fine and long, with an interwoven backbone of natural acidity providing the framework for persistent tangy stone fruit flavours and a supple textural finish.

$38 per bottle
This wine eschews the modern stylistic pendulum swing towards lean, taut, austere and fine-boned expressions of Chardonnay. It conveys pronounced fruit characters of pear skin, limes and Reinette apples in concert with textural interplay of chalk and silkiness. Subtle natural acidity provides the integral backbone conveying the fruit and weight to a resounding finish.

$80 per bottle
This wine draws its inspiration from the time-honoured Bordelaise tradition of blending multiple compatible and complementary grape varieties to construct a wine greater and more profound than the singular expression of its individual parts. Built around Sauvignon Blanc and its synergy with Semillon, a tiny portion of a third aromatic white variety lifts the wine to greater heights. All components of the blend are 100% barrel fermented and aged on lees for richness, complexity and profundity. A complex, aromatic wine that is crafted for ageing.

$80 per bottle
Year in year out, our Estate Pinot Noir is a deeply complex wine with a refined aromatic profile expressing beguiling characters of strawberry, black cherry and plum while allspice, leather and earthy notes abound. Beautifully balanced from ageing in the finest French oak, this silken textured Pinot Noir will become even more supple with careful cellaring.

$80 per bottle
A silky-smooth, elegant and subtly perfumed rendition of Shiraz, this wine is better suited to the old-world name Syrah. It is restrained yet complex, providing layer upon layer of mulberry, white pepper, tarragon, cedar, earth and flint in a traditional balanced medium-bodied style. Eminently drinkable now, it is expected to cellar gracefully for 15+ years.

$80 per bottle
Hand-picked fruit, de-stemmed and crushed to open vats, this wine conveys characters of blackberry, blackcurrant and cocoa-rich chocolate. An outstanding example of single site and region, its chewy, satisfying tannins are beautifully integrated with fleshy faithfully varietal fruit characters.

$80 per bottle
Complexed and concentrated by infection of the selected berries with the noble Botrytis, this wine is rich and hedonistic, luscious and viscous yet elegant. Characters of honey, apricot, barley sugar, orange marmalade, candied ginger and musk meld with flavours of custard apple and preserved lemon. A Campari-like bitterness keeps the palate drawn long and the sweetness in check.

$60 per bottle

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