Ezard at Levantine Hill

Levantine Hill, its foundation raison d’etre, is all about the wine. But not just any wine. We are not engaging in a vinous exploration of the length and breadth of our Yarra Valley, of Australia, or of the globe. Nor are we looking to cover off the myriad of faces and expressions that our chosen grape varieties can exude when produced across umpteen different time zones and postcodes.

Ours is a myopic, bloody-minded obsession to achieve perfection in all that we do. In order to understand greatness and begin to map out a path to achieving it, we need to have much more than a basic grasp of what greatness is. Thus we need to compare our wines with the greatest examples of their kind in existence.

The French varietal wines, grouped with our interpretations on this wine list, are our “go to” wines whenever we seek to recalibrate our senses as to the pinnacle of achievement of the varieties that we have chosen to work with. With our singular focus, these are the only comparisons we wish to draw. The inclusion of other regions, or other producers only act to cloud our vision with clutter and distraction.

We have an unbridled respect and reverence for the spiritual homelands of these noble majestic grape varieties. These examples are our benchmarks and blueprints. However, we never seek to replicate them. That would be pointless and a folly, as we are on the other side of the world with a completely different climate, soils, latitude and the like. Indeed, all of these factors in unison determine our own distinct “terroirs”; our own unique individual vineyards and their personalities cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Our wines are the true expressions of “our place” and these inimitable qualities are what we strive to highlight, in all of their idiosyncrasies and respective pleasures.

Paul Bridgeman. Winemaker

4 Pillars Gin
  • 4 Pillars Gin
  • 666 Vodka
  • Campari
  • Leblon Cachaça (white)
  • Flor de Caña Rum (dark)
  • Ilegal Mezcal
  • Makers Mark Bourbon