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Vintage 2024 Wrap-Up | A Year of Yarra Valley Extraordinary

Wines News & Accolades

Vintage 2024 Wrap-Up | A Year of Yarra Valley Extraordinary

And just like that – the 2024 vintage season has been a memorable and truly extraordinary harvest period.

Our wettest December/January growing season was followed by the driest February/March on record, bringing on our earliest harvest start since 2016 and the most consistently intense and relentless harvest period that the winemaking team can recall in its 27 Yarra Valley vintages. These are truly extraordinary times.

Faced with what seemed like an insurmountable task, with the physical and logistical requirements of the growing season, the team has consistently delivered grapes of outstanding quality, producing small, concentrated berries laden with intense flavour and character across the variety spectrum.

Our winery team has pushed through the intensity and ensured the greatest care and best outcomes were achieved, unwavering in our hands-on winemaking philosophy and methods.

The sudden onset of post-vintage will see us take a few deep breaths while we complete pressing of skins, and barrelling-down (transfer of completed wines) to rest and mature in our our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity-controlled underground cellar. An enormous multitude of individual batches off our unique vineyard sites lay before us. Early signs, we humbly boast that not one variety at this stage emerging as a stand-out beyond all others- they all look amazing. We cannot wait to take stock and appraise through each step until we lay these treasured wines to bottle. 

Vintage 2024 will definitely be one to watch out for!

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