News from the hill

Second annual Springfest launches new 2014 Sparkling Rosé

News from the hill

Second annual Springfest launches new 2014 Sparkling Rosé

This weekend we celebrated our limited edition 2014 Sparkling Rosé with our lavish annual Springfest lunch – a feast of spring, style and rosé.

Hosted by style icon Jess Dempsey, more than 120 people attended and enjoyed samples of this exceptional wine.

A lavish 3-course shared lunch was served with matching Estate wines. An oyster bar, rosé blending with winemaker Paul Bridgeman and music from Sarah Margot rounded out the festivities.

Australian illustrator Alexandra Nea designed a bespoke label and attended the event, sharing with guests her inspiration behind the label. Alexandra also joined us to personalise guests' bottles of Sparkling Rosé.

“We imagined getting lost in the vineyards, having a beautiful secluded picnic amongst the vines with gourmet hampers and delicious wines and then we topped it with a signature Yarra Valley sunset. We really wanted to create an artwork that captured the beautiful essence of our surrounds and celebrated life’s special moments,” she said.

Meticulously handcrafted, and with less than 900 bottles made, this wine is a true rarity and will not last.

Discover the 2014 Sparkling Rose

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