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Press Release | Bringing the Levant to Levantine Hill

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Press Release | Bringing the Levant to Levantine Hill

Levantine Hill Estate is proud to announce that after five years of award-winning operation, its cellar door and dining experience is embarking on an exciting new direction. When its venue re-opens on 25 June, whilst retaining the exterior of its architecturally stunning venue, you will notice some changes on the inside. At the centre of the change is that Levantine Hill will be taking guests back to
the brand’s Levantine origins and the inspiration behind why it was first established in the Yarra Valley.

Critically, the offer has been redesigned to enhance its wine experience by merging its two menus into one and managing the venue as one large cellar door showroom, (eschewing the traditional “cellar door bar” format of wineries).

Like its wines crafted in the old-world ways, Levantine Hill’s new food philosophy is moving to honour its Levantine heritage, creating dishes distinctly curated to showcase its wines. As the winery embarks on this new culinary direction, it means it is bidding adieu to its much-celebrated partnership with culinary doyen Teage Ezard, who oversaw Levantine Hill’s fine dining Signature Restaurant. Samantha Jreissati, managing Director of Levantine Hill Estate said, “the deep friendship and excellent working relationship between the Ezard and Jreissati families means that future partnerships and collaborations will not be far away.”

Levantine Hill’s new menu is inspired by the story of the Levant, with its mix of fine wines and glorious shared food and wine gatherings, which is at the heart of why the Jreissati family created Levantine Hill Estate – hence its name. Levantine Hill’s commitment to provide an authentic experience is cemented by the establishment in 2019 of a rare breed sheep enterprise, to supply lamb
to the venue. What will be known by its trade marked brand, Talya Lamb, is a fat-tailed sheep that originated in the biblical lands. The lush pastures amongst Levantine Hill’s vineyards has seen the flock thrive and prosper. Talya (meaning “lamb”, in old Aramaic) will develop to become a cornerstone of the venue’s food offering. The fat tails are a delicacy known to fetch up to $1000 USD per kilogram.

Levantine Hill deeply thanks Teage Ezard for his dedication and inspiration to help establish our cellar door food and wine experience during its start-up phase and influence of the new menu offering.

The new menu, created by head chef Vinnie Robinson, will be based on local Yarra Valley produce, but will have a significant Mediterranean influence. The true emphasis of Levantine Hill’s new look cellar door facility will be on its wines and is designed to provide an immersive wine experience – there will no longer be waiters at Levantine Hill, but wine specialists offering an extensive tasting
menu to all visitors. Tastings will be offered at all tables in the restaurant.

Guests can select from a three, six or seven-course menu. Each menu includes a selection of seasonal snacks, with the ability for diners to then choose their remaining courses.

Levantine Hill looks forward to welcoming visitors, when they can return, to an enriching culinary and wine journey never offered in Victoria. Levantine Hill is very excited to be bringing back the Levant to Levantine Hill.

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