News from the hill

Our best family paddock vintage yet

News from the hill

Our best family paddock vintage yet

Hot off the heels of their official release in May, the reviews of our newest vintage of Family Paddock wines are in and the critics agree that these vintages are our best yet. Samantha’s Paddock Mélange Traditionnel (Bordeaux Blend) 2015 has been awarded 95+ points and Melissa’s Paddock Syrah 2015 has been awarded 95 points by The Wine Front’s Gary Walsh and Mike Bennie, respectively. Katherine’s Paddock 2016 was earlier awarded 94 points by Mike Bennie.

Samantha’s Paddock

From the block that the experts said could not be planted. Planted to the traditional Left Bank varietals, Samantha’s Paddock is our antipodean sonnet to the Premier Cru vineyards of Bordeaux

In his review, Walsh says “blackberry, plum, white flower perfume, smoke and spice, pencils and dried herbs. Medium-bodied, deep fruit backed with spice and pencil oak, firm gravelly open weave tannin, slight sweet/sour character of oven roasted tomato, cool acidity, and a very long finish of red and black fruit, top quality oak weaved neatly in. Classic Cabernet. Beautifully made. 95+ points”

Discover Samantha’s Paddock for yourself today.

Melissa’s Paddock

Coming from our smallest block, Melissa’s Paddock Syrah is inspired by the very best Hermitage examples of the Rhône Valley. It is bottled as “Syrah” in recognition of its refined structure, savoury flavour and eloquently spiced nuance. 

In his review, Bennie describes Melissa’s Paddock as “an architectural red of lithe tannin, black-and-red cherry fruit character, white pepper spice and some light gamey characters. The flow is even, just on medium weight, bound in those graphite-licked tannins and seasoned with a dash of cinnamon oak. The finish is stellar, mouth-watering with tension and light, fine tannin chew. Stellar wine. 95 points”

Discover Melissa’s Paddock for yourself today.

Katherine’s Paddock

Geographically a mirror image of Samantha’s Paddock, this block is located in the perfect spot to capture both the cool breeze blowing from the Great Dividing Range and the morning sun. It is our ode to the Grand Cru Montrachet of Burgundy.

Of Katherine’s Paddock, Bennie says it “feels like LH is upping the ante to realise potential of the vineyards under their charter, and, the work of Paul Bridgeman is in full flight. This is a bombastic, luxurious-feeling chardonnay giving off the impression nothing has been spared in its making. Excellent wine, as it stands. 94 points”

Discover Katherine’s Paddock for yourself today.

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