2014 Katherine's Paddock Chardonnay - Museum Release 6-pack

2014 Katherine's Paddock Chardonnay - Museum Release 6-pack

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Geographically a mirror image of Samantha’s Paddock, this block is located in the perfect spot to capture both the cool breeze blowing from the Great Dividing Range and the morning sun afforded by its east-facing orientation. Due to its elevation, angle and aspect, it is historically harvested much later than traditional Valley-floor Chardonnay. It is our ode to the Grand Cru Montrachet of Burgundy.

Stylistically it deliberately eschews the general modern Australian style of tense, taut, sulphidic and austere expressions of Chardonnay. Conversely, it offers a profound reclamation of the middle ground where body, flavour and palate weight can co-exist with structure, texture and restrained acidity. It conveys pronounced characters of pear skin, marzipan, cashew and wild rice combined with a rich textural interplay of chalk and creaminess. It amplifies all of the subtle elements intrinsic to the make-up of our Estate Chardonnay and presents them in an “all dials set to eleven” riot of balanced natural acidity, rich varietal expression and voluminous persistent flavours.

Price is for six bottles of 2014 Katherine's Paddock. Only six packs available. Don't miss out.

If your preferred museum release is already sold out, or you would like a back vintage not listed, please call us on 03 8602 0850 or email us to discuss your requirements.
Vintage 2014
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