2016 Estate Mélange Traditionnel Blanc

Coined 'the red wine lover's white wine', our Mélange Traditionnel Blanc draws its inspiration from the time-honoured Bordelaise tradition of blending multiple compatible and complementary white grape varieties.

The result is a white wine greater and more profound than the singular expression of its individual parts: a complex, aromatic wine that is crafted for ageing. Built around Sauvignon Blanc and its synergy with Semillon, a tiny portion of a third aromatic white, Viognier, lifts the wine to greater heights.

“We have really tried to create a complex wine that has softness, richness and roundness of flavours,” says Winemaker Paul Bridgeman.

“Sauvignon Blanc brings intensely complex aromas ranging from tropical fruits to herbal notes, while Semillon lays the foundation of subtle citrus characters with baseline acidity. Contributing just 2.5% to the blend, Viognier plays a formidable hand, contributing a bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’ with weight and silkiness to add to the overall experience.”

“Even though there is only a small amount of Viognier in the blend, you would certainly notice if it wasn’t there. It’s like the salt you add to finish a dish - you would definitely notice if your food wasn’t seasoned,” says Bridgeman.

The Mélange Traditionnel Blanc also has an element of tannin in there which might be unusual for white wine but is a key ingredient that helps to build texture and structure. The acidity is dialled down, and incorporating the tannins helps to build structure within the wine.

“The palate is powerful, high-impact and has a dusting of drying tannin. The finish is firm and strong: it's a wine that's built to impress.” - Huon Hooke

With flavours of kiwi fruit, key lime pie, green almond and pear skin, it’s on the palate where this wine really shines.

The Mélange Traditionnel Blanc is a wine that is best enjoyed with food - ceviche, pot roasted chicken, crispy skin salmon and chimichurri butter scallops are some great pairing options. If you haven’t tried this wine yet, you can secure your allocation via the link below.


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2016 Estate Mélange Traditionnel Blanc

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