Family Paddocks

Estate Vineyard

The family paddocks are situated at the family estate and fan out over very steep clay loam slopes, at similar elevations to the Grand Cru vineyards of Chablis in France. The difficult slopes and perfect orientation take great advantage of our distinct micro-climate and each block is named in honour of a family member.

Samantha's Paddock

The block that the experts said could not be planted. The steepness of the land and the presence of underground, rocky veins and outcrops were thought to be insurmountable. But by the grace of god and use of a diamond-tipped drilling rig for seven months, we installed the perfect vineyard. Planted to the traditional Left Bank varietals, Samantha’s Paddock is our antipodean sonnet to the Premier Crus vineyards of Bordeaux.

Katherine's Paddock

Geographically a mirror image of Samantha’s Paddock, this block is located in the perfect spot to capture the cool breeze blowing from the Great Dividing Range and is historically harvested much later than traditional Valley-floor Chardonnay. Its amazing fruit comes from three Chardonnay varietals planted in equal proportions. It is our ode to the Grand Cru Montrachet.

Colleen's Paddock

Inspired by the Grand Crus of Burgundy, Colleen’s Paddock is perfectly positioned in a suntrap on a steep slope on the lowest and coolest part of the family estate. The steepness of the vineyard provides huge variations in ripening times, which means fruit picking in this tiny Pinot Noir block span over many weeks to ensure perfect ripeness.

Melissa's Paddock

The perfect position for a Shiraz block, facing due North and looking directly at Mount St Leonard, the wine style from Melissa’s Paddock, our tiniest vineyard, is inspired by the very best Hermitage examples of the Rhône Valley. It is bottled as “Syrah” in recognition of its refined structure, savoury flavour and eloquently spiced nuance.

Caesar's Paddock

When one thinks of culinary delights to pair with fine wines, truffles come to mind. Caesar’s Paddock is a grove of over 400 oak trees carrying the black Perigord truffle spores. In the coming two years, we expect to get our first harvest from the truffiére. And in honour of the highly specialised dogs tasked with finding these truffles, this paddock has been named after Caesar, the family’s completely unspecialised pooch.

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